Branch Director

Demonstration by Nana Bellerud

arrangement by Nana Bellerud

Nana Goto Bellerud started her Sogetsu School of ikebana study in 2005 and continues to be inspired and have new insights from its teachings. Nana demonstrates, exhibits, and teaches ikebana at a wide range of venues in person and virtually.

Through her demonstrations and workshops, she seeks to introduce others to the art of ikebana and to intrigue and inspire them. Beyond simply producing a beautiful work of art with flowers and natural objects, she shows her audience how ikebana explores artistic concepts such as balance, contrast, and negative space.

Nana has been creating and posting daily ikebana on Instagram (nana_bellerud) and actively teaching via live interactive video since the pandemic hit.

She offers a monthly workshop and separate classes with the Sogetsu curriculum.

arrangement by Nana Bellerud