Sogetsu Teacher

Hideko Hearn

Arrangement by Hideko, Japanese Garden

Arrangement by Hideko, Japanese Garden

Hideko's journey with ikebana began at a young age in her family. Here is her story, in her own words:

Growing up in Japan I lived in a home where my mother and grandmother enjoyed arranging Ikebana. That was part of our lives. Japan has four seasons and as the seasons change so do the arrangements as they take advantage of the changing colors and textures of the buds, flowers and branches. Ikebana provided warmth to my childhood home that I will never forget.

When I came to the United States I wanted to connect with my Japanese heritage and Ikebana provided the perfect way to do that. As I continued to practice and learn, I ultimately wanted to share the joys of Ikebana and decided to begin teaching and for the past several years I have been teaching at my home in Beaverton.

It has been a wonderful experience, especially when I look back on the students I have had that have included students from Romania, Iran, Taiwan as well as Japan and the United States. This diversity has resulted in students not only sharing their Ikebana experiences but also having the opportunity to make new friends.

The process of making Ikebana gives us both focus of mind and creative imagination. I enjoy providing the student opportunities to express their personalities and creativity. When we feel happiness and joy through Ikebana, it's wonderful.

Hideko has guided many students through their own journeys with ikebana. Over the past 3 1/2 years, she helped Megan Rothstein complete the four levels of student lessons and gave her the confidence to exhibit in the last two Rose Festival shows at the Japanese Garden. Megan said that Hideko sensei gently encourages her and other students to think creatively about the use of both plant and unconventional materials and that "regardless of your goals, Hideko will help you reach them." Whether exploring the magic of ikebana with her students, demonstrating her expertise at Sogetsu and Ikebana International workshops, or showing her exquisite arrangements at the Portland Art Museum, Japanese Garden, Geezer Gallery and other local organizations, Hideko Hearn displays her commitment to sharing her life-long love of the art of ikebana