Leach Botanical Garden Workshop – 8/13/2016


Six branch members (Don Davidson, Keiko Kodachi, Nana Bellerud, Kathleen Kuba, Diantha Knott and Rebecca Teasdale) along with six guests, including Karen Uchiyama, wife of the Consul General ofJapan, created terrific ikebana at Leach Botanical Garden on a sunny Saturday. Nana first explained the concept of shakkei (“borrowed scenery”) to encourage us to consider the background and scale of the garden in the design. Don brought many marvelous containers that he had painted, decorated and fashioned. All of them, including two large ones that he hung on branches, were used by guests and members. Both Nana and Don also shared colorful flowers, berries, leaves and line material.

After two hours of creative activity, we walked around the meadow and expressed appreciation and wonder for each ikebana. All agreed that the 2016 installation was the most dazzling to date. One of the Leach staff told Nana, "Thanks for having your group out and giving us a wonderful addition to the Garden, very nice colors!" Indeed, heartfelt thanks to Nana and Don for planning and preparing the wonderful workshop--we branch members are grateful for your time, effort and generosity!