Torii Mor Winery Workshop – 9/10/2016


Torii Mor Winery – 9/10/2016

Ten Sogetsu branch members (along with four ikebana husbands) spent a few hours creating ikebana, listening to the history of the Oregon wine industry, and enjoying lunch and wine at Torii Mor Winery in the hills of Dundee. Ikebana were placed outside on wine barrels, tables, decks and rocks, playfully melding flowers, ornamental grasses, leaves, and dried and man-made materials with the natural scenery.

Special thanks to member Donna Jean McDaniel, who arranged the event (and who designed and lived 10 years in the house on the winery premises) and her daughter, Kerry McDaniel Boenisch, for the fascinating look at the start of the wine industry in Oregon and current challenges facing growers and vintners. Thank you also to the current owners of Torii Mor and their staff, who provided scrumptious tastings of their 2015 Pinot Gris and 2014 Pinot Noir selections.